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The information provided at wilderness-survival-skills.com is not a substitute for a wilderness survival training course. I highly recommend you to participate in a training program in an outdoor or wilderness survival school.

A wilderness survival course will provide you with the practical experience necessary to handle many kinds of problems that could arise in the wilderness. A training course will increase your skills and knowledge and make your next wilderness adventure safer and more enjoyable.

The following list of wilderness survival schools is for information purposes only. It is up to you to check the credentials of the survival schools and to find a program that is compatible with your needs.

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Wilderness survival schools


Apologia Outdoors
homepage: apologiaoutdoors.org
Location: Alabama

Sigma III Survival School & Outdoors Club
homepage: survivalschool.us
Location: Arkansas

Reevis Mountain School
homepage: reevismountain.org
Location: Arizona (Roosevelt)

Aboriginal Living Skills School
homepage: alssadventures.com
Location: Arizona (Prescott)

Bush Mechanics Survival Training
homepage: bushsurvivaltraining.com/
Location: California (San Diego)

Headwaters Outdoor School
homepage: hwos.com
Location: California

Lifesong Wilderness Adventures
homepage: lifesongadventures.com
Location: California , Oregon

Survival Training School of California
homepage: californiasurvivaltraining.com
Location: California

The Tracker School
homepage: trackerschool.com
Location: California , Florida , New Jersey

California Survival School
homepage: CASurvival.com
Location: California

homepage: WilderSkills.com
WilderSkills is a youth outdoor education school
Location: California, San Francisco Bay Area

Wilderness Survival Institute
homepage: wisesurvival.com
Location: Colorado (Loveland)

Twin Eagles Wilderness School
homepage: TwinEagles.org
Location: Idaho (Sandpoint)

Green Earth Survival School
homepage: greenearthsurvivalschool.com
Location: South Florida

Byron Kerns Survival
homepage: byronkernssurvival.com
Location: Florida

Real World Survival Training School
homepage: realworldsurvival.webs.com
Location: Florida

Urban Survivalcraft
homepage: urbansurvivalcraft.com
Location: Florida (Miami)

Blackthorn-USA Outdoor Adventure School
homepage: Blackthorn-USA.com
Location: Kansas (Riley county/Flint Hills)

Maine Primitive Skills School
homepage: primitiveskills.com
Loation: Maine (Augusta)

homepage: primitive-skills.com
Location: Maryland (northern Frederick County)

Future Necessities Wilderness Living Skills and Primitive Technology
homepage: futurenecessities.org
Location: Minnesota (Forest Lake)

First Earth Wilderness School's
homepage: firstearth.org
Location: Missouri (Missouri Ozarks)

Wolf's system of Survival
homepage: wsos-wildernesssurvival.com
Location: New York (Schuyler Falls)

The Wilderness Learning Center
homepage: weteachu.com
Location: New York State (350 miles North of New York City)

Survival Resources
homepage: bepreparedtosurvive.com
Loation: New York State (Hudson Valley)

NORTH CAMP Outdoor Survival Skills
homepage: northcampsurvival.com
Location: New York State (North Central Catskill Mountains)

Practical Primitive
Location: Great Meadows, New Jersey, Clifton, Texas, Waterloo, Ontario (Canada)

Earth School
homepage: LoveTheEarth.com
Location: North Carolina (Tryon)

Midwest Native Skills Institute
homepage: survivalschool.com
Location: Ohio (Windsor)

ReWild Eugene
homepage: rewild.com
Location: Oregon (Eugene)

Oregon Peak Adventures
homepage: oregonpeakadventures.com
Location: Oregon (Portland)

homepage: trackersteams.com
Location: Oregon (Portland)

homepage: trackersnw.com
Location: Oregon (Portland) + California (Bay Area)

EarthSkills, LLC
homepage: earthskillsllc.com
Location: South Carolina

Trail Blazer Survival School and Adventures
homepage: trailblazersurvival.com
Location: South Carolina (Simpsonville)

The Human Path (THP)
homepage: thehumanpath.com
Location: Texas (Austin and San Antonio)

True Nature Farm - Sustainable Living & Wilderness School
homepage: truenature.org/
Location: Utah (Boulder)

Roots School
homepage: RootsVT.com
Location: Vermon (East Calais)

Peak Survival
homepage: peaksurvival.us
Location: Vermont (Pittsfield)

Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School
homepage: mountainshepherd.com
Location: Virginia + Oregon

Alderleaf Wilderness College
homepage: WildernessCollege.com
Location: Washington (Monroe)

Earthwalk Northwest
homepage: earthwalknorthwest.com
Location: Washington (Issaquah)

Wilderness Awareness Schools
homepage: wildernessawareness.org
Location: Washington (Duvall)

Wolf College
homepage: wolfcollege.com
Location: Western Washington

ReWild University
homepage: rewildu.com
Location: Wisconsin (Menomonie)

Teaching Drum Outdoor School
homepage: teachingdrum.org
Location: Wisconsin (Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest)

Central America

Costa Rica Survival Adventures
homepage: costaricasurvival.com
Location: Costa Rica


Remote Areas Emergency Medicine and Survival
homepage: raems.com
Location: Alberta (Calgary)

Wisdom of the Earth
homepage: wisdomoftheearth.ca
Location: British Columbia (Salt Spring Island)

International Canadian School of Survival (ICSOS)
homepage: icsos.ca
Location: Manitoba

Arctic Response
homepage: arcticresponse.ca
Location: Northwest Territories (Yellowknife)

Trackers Edge
homepage: trackersedge.com
Location: Ontario (Whitby - outside of Toronto)

Beyond the Fire School of Survival
homepage: survivalbeyondthefire.com
Winter survival training
Location: Ontario (Petawawa)

Survival in the Bush, Inc
homepage: survivalinthebushinc.com
Location: Ontario

WSC Survival School, Inc.
homepage: wscsurvivalschool.com
Location: Ontario

Nunavik Arctic Survival Training Center
homepage: nastc.ca
Location: Quebec (Nunavik, Puvirnituq)


Survival Expeditions Camp
homepage: survexcamp.com
Location: Greece - Thessaly, mount Olympus and mount Kissavos

Bear Grylls Survival Academy
homepage: beargryllssurvivalacademy.com
Location: UK

Woodsmoke - Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival
homepage: woodsmoke.uk.com
Location: UK - Lake District.

Woodland Ways - Bushcraft & Survival Courses
homepage: woodland-ways.co.uk
Location: UK - Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire

The Coastal Survival School
homepage: coastalsurvival.com
Location: UK

Wild Man Wild Food
homepage: wildmanwildfood.com
Foraging courses - how to identify, gather and cook wild plants.
Location: UK - Canterbury, Kent.

Woodlore - School of Wilderness Bushcraft
homepage: raymears.com
Location: UK - East Sussex

Wildwood Bushcraft
homepage: wildwoodbushcraft.com
Location: UK - Sussex

Forest Knights
homepage: forestknights.co.uk
Location: UK - Sussex

Bushcraft Expeditions
homepage: bushcraftexpeditions.com
Location: UK - Beaminster, Dorset

Hands on Bushcraft
homepage: handsonbushcraft.co.uk
Location: UK - Wiltshire

homepage: wild-live.org
Location: Ireland & U.K

EXTRA - Bushcraft & Survival
homepage: extrasurvival.nl
Location: Netherland

Backtravel.nl - Bushcraft, Survival and Backpacking
homepage: backtravel.nl
Location: Netherland, Belgium, Norway and Sweden.


OTA Survival School
homepage: otasurvivalschool.com
Location: India

29028 Adventure world
homepage: 29028adventureworld.com
Location: India

homepage: paddleasia.com
Location: Thailand.


Bob Cooper Outback Survival Pty Ltd
homepage: bobcoopersurvival.com
Location: Western Australia

Creative Collectives Australia
homepage: creativecollectives.org/wolfpack
Location: North-East Victoria

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