Blood blister

by Tim / Nomad
(Louisville, Ky & The Road)

What to do for a blood blister under your nail

What to do for a blood blister under your nail

These are simply guidelines and it is up to the individual whether or not they feel comfortable performing the procedure. By doing so the individual assumes all responsibility. If for some reason I smash a toenail or fingernail and I think a bloodblister is going to develope.

This is what I do to releave the throbbing pain and pressure.

1) I hold pressure on the affected nail in an attempt to prevent or reduce the size of the blister.

2) I carry a 1/16" drill bit in my survival kit and another in my first aid kit.

3) It is very important that you sterilize the drill bit before useing it.

4) I take the drill bit and place it over the blister that has formed below the nail.

5) Apply slight pressure on the nail as you spin the bit between your thumb and finger.

6) Eventually the drill bit will drill through the nail releasing the blood and thus releaving the pressure.

Care needs to be taken while drilling as when the bit breaks through it can hit the tender nail bed. I try to spin the bit backwards after breaking through to open up the hole. At this time the you can also squeeze the nail to get out as much of the blood as possible.

7) If the hole should close up it may be necessary to open it later for further draining.

8) I would recommend using iodine or peroxide to treat the hole. Keep the affected nail covered if possible.

9) It will not take long for the underlying nailbed to dry and heal. This helps prevent infection. There may be a void under the nail after it heals. As the nail grows out the new nail will be attached to the nailbed.

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