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RE: Butane Torch Lighters
by: Anonymous

I for one would not even bother with this lighter. It runs out of fuel fast or you have to carry around extra fuel. May I suggest you learn how to start a fire in rain. The wood is wet on the out side but not the inside. Even small 1 inch thick deadwood is dry inside. Break the wood up into 6-8 inch long pieces.Just split the wood down the middle and do it again, Now u can make very thin slices of tinder from all 4 pieces. Just keep it under you while you work in it. Or a I do is I do the prep work under a pine tree (unless it is in a thunder storm then I have other things to worry about) Make as much as you need. Also keep the outer parts of the branch as it will also burn if placed dry side down. Also the best place to find dead small branches is right under the tree because it works as cover. And dead little pine twigs (on the tree) as are good to build up your fire with because of the pitch inside it burns very well. And always in your travels in the bush take some birch bark, dead bull rushes tops, inside it is dry fluff to ignite. And the younger bull rushes are good for eating or tea. Full of minerals and some vitamins. If it tastes woody it is to old. Also use some tree bark from fresh dead fall trees. Use it like a tepee to help cover your small fire in the beginning stage to keep wind and rain out a little better, and make the fire hotter faster or use flat rocks as a wind break and bark as a partial roof. There are many different ways to make fire in the rain. I depends what you have with you. And do not trust knife or leather man type case made out of nylon and have it on your belt as it wears out and gets dropped and lost. With all my knives etc it(tool not case) is tyed to me so it does not get lost, even if it is in a pocket.

Start a fire in the rain.
by: Jill

A good tool to start a fire, even in a light rain. The tinder don't need to be completely dry.

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