The Wild & Wonderful Wilderness …

How to get there. How to stay alive, while you’re there. And how to get out safely!

So, you’re ready for a wilderness vacation or a weekend getaway?

Mother nature’s awesome wonders have inspired mankind, since the dawn of creation. And continue to do so. But, she can turn on you in a New York minute … IF you’re not prepared.

I want you to ‘be prepared’ before you go. And I want to show you how to stay alive in the event of something you didn’t anticipate.

After all, none of us ever plans on needing emergency skills, right?

But, if you need them, and don’t have them … you and those you love could very well be harmed, if not worse.

Do NOT let that happen to you and those you love!

The e-book "Essential Wilderness Skills For Beginners"

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn in this mandatory, 130 page Survival Guide …

How to build a fire
     • What are all the reasons you could need one?
     • Do you know how to find good tender?
     • Matches are easy, but what if they get wet?
     • Do you have a flint striker?
     • Have you practiced first?

The best, high-quality, survival knife
     • Fixed blade, with tang. What’s that?
     • What kind of handle? Yes, it matters!
     • Hollow handle? Smooth handle? Compass in the handle?
     • Hint: None of the above!
     • What kind of blade? Carbon steel or stainless steel?

Learn how to find & cook survival food
     • How do you identify & find edible plants?
     • How can you identify & find edible insects?
     • Can you catch fish, without the proper gear?
     • Can you make simple traps to catch small animals or
       find bird eggs?
     • How to cook without pots and pans? Vital to your survival.

What to do, if you run out of critical water
     • Do you have the right water purifier filter?
     • Does your purifier remove parasites and also kill
       waterborne bacteria/viruses?
     • How do you make a water filter, if you don’t have one?
     • Do you have water purification tablets?
     • Do you know when they’re necessary

A note about water … we can live for about three weeks without food, if we have plenty of water and a comfortable place to rest. But, without water, we’ll probably only last a few days at most, depending on conditions and activity!

Were you able to answer all the questions above that are SO necessary for your survival? If not, and if you’re a nature lover, who loves to explore the Wild & Wonderful Wilderness

this is a "must-have" guide for you!

I want you to have my comprehensive guide for surviving in the wilderness. It really is vital to your survival.

I promise you’ll need to know each and every one of these skills – in the event you’re faced with the need to survive off the land! Don’t wait till it’s too late.

You can ensure you and your loved ones are informed and practiced long before you go on your wilderness excursion. Be a good boy scout and BE Prepared!

money back guarantee For the paltry sum of $6.99, you can explore nature like a trained survivalist. I know that’s an insanely low price, but I want to get this survival guide in the hands of AS many nature lovers as I possibly can.

You have the advantage of my 30 years of experience and my 100% guarantee.

I want you to be almost giddy with your ebook, but if you’re not … I’ll refund the measly $6.99 immediately, if you let me know within 30 days. (No one’s ever done that, but I’m that confident.)

enjoy your reading So right now, while you’re thinking about it … download your survival guide … and get to learning!

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Here's what some readers had to say about "Essential Wilderness Skills For Beginners":

Your e-book has inspired me and my family. We for the most part, have been city folk except for the past years where we live in a nice rural area. We have great access to many states and national parks. But we have never taken advantage of them. We are now hiking more, and using our back yard as a place to practice wilderness skills.


I am an elementary science teacher, and I am preparing for an upcoming unit on outdoor survival and downloaded your e-book. It is a great source of information. Can you tell me if it is ok to use portions of your e-book in handouts given to the class?


Just wanted to say that I love your e-book. It's very informative and contain a lot of great tips and information. In times such as these we could all use a few lessons. Wouldn't it be nice if things such as these were taught in public school. Many thanks for all of your hard work.


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Essential Wilderness Skills For Beginners

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