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Instant rice

I use the instant rice and you do not have to cook it at all. I pack mine in two small Pepsi plastic bottles. The reason to use the Pepsi bottles is they have straight sides unlike the Coke bottles. I will use about a hand full in total and wash it down with water you have to drink anyway. Do not try and chew it! It washes down easy and will still absorb the water inside of you and there is no cooking involved. When the bottle is empty you can use it to boil water in it. You fill your plastic bottle and suspend it over the fire but higher than the flames so it will not burn. DO NOT USE PLASTIC LINE TO HOLD IT ABOVE THE HEAT SOURCE BECAUSE THAT WILL MELT AND YOU LOSE IT ALL. I have done it many times, even with muddy coloured water. I learned it in the Army and have even seen it on surviorman. I not only carry it in my grab and go pack (1)bottle, but my reg pack.

by: Laila

Fast cooking pasta is also good!

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