Fish trap

by Charlie
(United Kingdom)

Your first step you should do if you find yourself in a survival situation is not move. The more you move away the more you are making it hard for people to find you. At this point make lots of signaling fires, using lots of wet leaves and dry wood and wait.

If you get the feeling that you will be waiting a while, then set up a few traps and try to catch a bite to eat. If you are near stream, get a woolen fleece (if you have one) drape it across as much of the stream as you can, making shure that nothing can go under (it is better for it to be lower in the water than high) and wait a night.

In the morning come back and you will hopefully have lots of small fish caught in the holes in the cotton.

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by: George

Fantastic idea! You have shared a wonderful idea to catch fish and I think it will work successfully. I am going to try out your trick to trap fish. I will share my experience within two days. Just wait for it.

other fish traps....
by: Winyan Staz

Fish trap #1

Find yourself an old plastic large pop bottle.
Cut off the top about two inches down..right below where the bottle begins to curve into the top of the jug.
Put the top you cut off into the top of the bottle just where you cut it off..with the spout pointing downwards into the bottle.
Lace the top to the rim of the bottom with some cordage or twine so it doesnt come loose.
Cut a couple of small holes into the bottom...too small for the fish to swim out but large enough that water can flow through.
Tie a line onto the bottle so it wont run off and be sure to tie it well.
Place a small rock or two into the bottom (easy to do before you lace the top and bottom together but you can also just pour some gravel into the bottom) to keep the bottle from floating.
Place it in a creek or river in a shaded spot if possible..close to a bank or a log.
Minnows like gravel banks too.
You will find small minnows will swim in and and not be able to find the entrance hole again to swim out.
Great for bait or to throw into a soup.

Fish trap # 2

Simply straight sticks poked straight down to form a heart shape with the pointed end of the heart in very shallow water towards the bank/shoreline.
The sticks should be very close together to form a fence the fish cant get out of.
The two rounded tops of the heart should have a gap between them about three inches or so the fish can swim in.
Run the center gap with a little fence of more sticks to run down into the center of the heart shape about three-five inches..sort of like a little isle or gateway the fish can swim through into the heart trap.
Make sure the sticks are about 10-12 inches high so the fish can't jump out.
You will find the fish laying in the sides of the top of the heart.
Build your trap where the fish like to hang can even bait it with little minnow body parts from your other minnow trap discribed above.
In which case you might also find crawdads in your heart trap.
This is a Native American Indian fish trap.

by: Anonymous

Use both net and hooks. Make fishhooks from pins, needles, wire, small nails, or any piece of metal.
Good fishing luck!

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