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Emergency Preparedness #8  TRAVEL/NAVIGATION

Emergency Preparedness #8 TRAVEL/NAVIGATION

This is something that most of us feel very capable of doing. For the most part we can, but have you ever been confused while in an unfamiliar area.

With the ease of relying on the GPS systems available people can gain a false sense of security. What if these simply went away? After all it takes batteries to power the units and solar power for the satellites. They don't work that good through heavy cloud cover either. How do you think they would have performed during the MT. SAINT HELENS ERUPTION?

It is a good idea to stop at welcome centers in neighboring states to pick up a free map. You should also have a national RAND McNALLY ATLAS and some of the GAZZATEERS in your vehicle.

I have an atlas that has each Kentucky county in it. Each of these counties then shows every road,paved or gravel,private or public. It also shows the streams and rivers, this would be invaluable if you needed to survive, evade or just get to a safer place.

I have been collecting the GAZZATEERS for each surrounding state and keep expanding my area of coverage.

Besides the maps you will need a good compass and know how to use it. It is a good idea to have a backup compass too. I keep one of the small 20mm compasses in my pocket at all times along with a butane lighter and a pocket knife.

The lighter can provide heat, light, boil water, cook food, provide protection from insects and animals, signal for help, harden wooden spear points, create a diversion as well as offer comfort.

It is amazing what you can get for $1.00 isn't it!


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