Indian tipi

by Eric Burt
(United States)

A traditional Indian tipi

A traditional Indian tipi

A Native American way of shelter was something called a wikiup or a tipi. The tipi was excellent source of warmth due to its rounded structure.

In some advanced forms of tipi's fire were also able to be built in the interior of the tipi! Rain or snow would repel from he tipi from its steep wall system. The tipi can be formed from driftwood that is wide and very long. You will need lots of this deadwood to create this indian shelter.

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Tepee experience
by: Anonymous

First up you don't have to make a 15 to 20 foot tepee. Small in hight and dia. is what's called for. Secondly I've been inside a Native American built tepee in 30 degree wather and it was full size and quite warm. It had a 4 foot liner. the outside was about 6 inches off the ground. This allowed a draft to be created up and out the top to help keep the inside as smoke free as possible. Third the fire was just small with mostly hot coals which burn hotter than open fire.

Teepees dont work
by: Anonymous

Enjoy trying to make a "tipi"! You would have more success creating a lean-to out of wood like the boyscouts. You cant make a true tipi unless you have the materials. And if you make it completely out of wood it can take days. to make one out of wood you have to be careful not to have the wood close enough to catch fire, and you also have to have an opening to let smoke out. If you dont have a place for a fire, it is called a lean-to

Teepees aren't that great
by: Brian From Pennsylvania

I have lived in a teepee for a year and a half and I can tell you from experience it is not a survival shelter. First off it takes a huge piece of canvas or plastic for this shelter and forget about warmth no such thing in a teepee.

When building any shelter for survival you want to make it small and no bigger then the size you need to lay down comfortably. This way your body heat is preserved and helps to warm the shelter. Also it doesn't take much energy to make a shelter of this size but with a teepee it's takes some energy.

Thanks and be safe

by: George

Use the tipi-shape as your initial point if you are going to build some form of survival shelter.

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