US military sleeping bags

by Tim
(Louisville,KY&the road)

Emergency Preparedness # 6 BEDROOM

Emergency Preparedness # 6 BEDROOM

If you end up sleeping on the ground during cold weather you are going to need some kind of insulation under you. Cooling is the removal of heat so you need something to prevent that from happening. I use the THERMAREST air mattresses and or a RIDGEREST foam pad. The $12.00 type of emergency blankets will work also.

For my sleeping bags I have several different ones depending on the temperature. The cheap WAL-MART 40 degree type will work most of the time. I have slept down to 20 degrees in these by simply adding extra layers of blankets or more sleeping bags on top.

I was lucky enough to find some of the US military bags at a reasonable price. I bought a 4 piece system that has two bags, a gortex bivy sack and the stuff sack. The bags are rated at 40 and -10 degrees when separated. If you double the bags and add the gortex cover or just add the gortex cover it will make them even warmer. The complete system when combined is rated to something like -30 degrees. The gortex cover is said to be completely waterproof and windproof. It can be used in place of a tent, it is light and compact.

Each of the bags and the cover when separated compress down to the size of a soccer ball. And when combined into one stuff sack they still pack reasonably small.

You can find them on-line just type in US military sleeping bags. The complete four piece system sells used but like new for $100.00-$250.00.

I often wear an insulated hat while sleeping when it is extremely cold out. This helps retain body heat and therefore helps keep your feet warm. I also wear insulated booties in the bag to help keep my feet warm. I have always had cold feet due to low body fat or poor circulation.

To keep out the cold air and to prevent breathing it while sleeping I lay a fleece blanket up around my neck and up to my eyes. I find this helps prevent a sore throat in the morning as it preheats the air you breath. You will also sleep much better.

I have full size pillows in my pick-up truck but when camping light I use my extra clothes in a stuff sack for a pillow.

The most important thing to remember is that even with a sleeping bag you need a roof over your head. This reflects your body heat back down and prevents it from escaping into the atmosphere. A simple tarp can help but a tent is better as it will also block crosswinds.

Your bags need to be kept as clean and dry as possible, if they are dirty they will not insulate you as well. You can hang them up to dry during the day and fluff them up occasionally. They should not be compressed when stored as this compacts the filling. It needs to be able to trap air, so they need to be fluffy.


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by: Merle

Sleeping on the ground can lead to health issues due to cooling, which will drop the body temperature. It is always better to keep a thermal resistant material under you in such situations. Most of the sleeping bags are made of such material.

Great comments
by: Anonymous

You don't need to buy fancy expensive gears!

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