Water-gathering tools

by Bob

Many survivors carry lightweight mylar 'space blankets' in their kits. These make excellent body heat retainers, shelters against weather, signaling panels for searchers, and water-gathering tools.

Rain is the purest water you can hope to find in the wilderness. If you catch it directly from the sky it needs no purification process and is safe to drink. A space blanket is an excellent tool for catching rainwater. Let the rain pool in the center of the blanket and empty it into your canteen, ziplock bag or other container often. I dig a shallow hole and just lay the blanket over it. The water will form a pool in the center of the blanket, making it easy to pour or scoop the water out.

If it doesn't rain when you need it to, you can use your space blanket to create a solar still. Dig a hole in direct sunlight, spread a 'donut' of fresh greenery (more leaves than stems, please) in the hole and place an empty cup, a bowl, a ziplock bag or other water-holding vessel in the center of the 'donut hole'. Stretch your mylar blanket over the hole and secure the edges with rocks or limbs. Place a stone on your blanket DIRECTLY above the cup or container in the 'donut hole', then leave it alone for a day. The blanket will create a greenhouse effect and "sweat" the moisture out of the greens. That moisture will condense on the underside of your blanket and the stone will make a depression in the blanket which will allow the condensation to run down and drip into the cup. Accuracy with the stone is important. Change the greens daily for routine use. If you have more blankets, make more stills. You can't have 'too much water' in the wilderness; it's a vital concern.

If all else fails, wrap two cotton Tshirts around your ankles and shins and walk thru the dewey morning grass. When the shirts become soaked with dew, wring them out and purify the water it or drink it directly.

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Another great post..
by: Winyan Staz Wakien

Thanks again for your post. You gave a lot of great advice....
Well done....

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