Wild edible plants

edible berry
Wild edible plants, fruits, berries and nuts are one of the survivor's most important foods. When planning your wilderness trip make sure you learn the plant life of the region you are going to visit. As already said, knowledge of only one or two edible plants can be of great help in your search for survival food.

Poisonous plants

Nature has a lot of edible plants to offer, but it also has a lot of poisonous plants. There are many good rules on plants to avoid, for instance, any plant that has a milky sap or white berries.

Edibility test

You can find descriptions of plant edibility tests in wilderness survival literature. The whole idea of an edibility test is that you test the plant step by step. Between every step, you wait and watch for an unpleasant reaction. The procedure is lengthy, it takes many hours. The last step is to swallow a small amount and wait for half a day to see if you get sick.

If you are unlucky and pick the wrong plant, you will have some serious problems. So eating unknown plants is very dangerous, it simply isn't worth the risk. The only way for you to know which plants to eat and which to stay away from is to learn them. Eat only those plants you know are safe to eat.

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wild edible plants